Volta Redonda is one of the main cities of Rio de Janeiro. It is also the cradle of industrialization in Brazil and main city of the Médio Paraíba Fluminense.

Citizenship Stadium

Pointing out as one of the most modern stadium in the country, General Sílvio Raulino de Oliveira City Stadium, not only offers comfort to the athletes and rooters to watch great sport events but also takes advantage of its idleness on free games days, to offer modern and comfortable rooms leaned to health and education, changing the local into a sport, health and education center. All of it developed by the City Hall.


A new space, in which the city population receives a differentiated and human treatment, was created.

Among the main services are the Citizenship Polyclinic, that has 500 appointments every day in several specialties; a modern Image Center with high tech equipment and a capacity to carry out 10 thousand exams a month; besides the City Optical Store disposing 50 glasses daily; a Rehabilitation Center that serves 3 thousand patients every month and a Gym to the elderly, avowing more health and quality of life to the population.


The stadium also lodges in its annexes an educational pole – CEDERJ – Rio de Janeiro Remote Educational Center- which offers free of charge graduation, specializing, extension, and pre-vestibular courses (exam preparatory courses to enroll universities) to millions of students. Through its modern computer, physics and biology laboratories, the educational pole provides students teaching of quality creating opportunities to job market inclusion. Besides the superior teaching; the stadium owns a school for the elderly which gives assistance to 600 students on Portuguese, acting, art and computer classes.


This combination SPORT+HEALTH+EDUCATION makes the Citizenship Stadium the most innovatory of the country, benefiting thousands of people daily.

Endereço: Praça Sávio Gama, 53 – bairro Aterrado – Volta Redonda – CEP: 27215-620
TEL: (24) 3339 9132 FAX: (24) 3339 9117 E-Mail: smdet@epdvr.com.br