Volta Redonda is one of the main cities of Rio de Janeiro. It is also the cradle of industrialization in Brazil and main city of the Médio Paraíba Fluminense.


Although the city has an economy backed by the metal mechanic sector, which ranks Volta Redonda among the cities that has the highest GNP in the state, it has a really dynamic service and a trade network, which provides jobs for more than 40 thousand people. Six big trade centers are highlighted: Vila Santa Cecília, Aterrado, Retiro,Ponte Alta, Santo Agostinho and Amaral Peixoto.

These centers shelter banking agencies, hotels (1.200), assembly rooms, tens of restaurants and shopping centers. In Vila Santa Cecília is located the biggest region shopping center, Sider Shopping, which has a project to be doubled in the following years.

Important investments are planned for the following years in the city industrial section.

CSN inaugurated its cement company and it will soon inaugurate a new company of long steel. CSN presence and other anchor enterprises in the region causes the process of growth and expansion of small and medium enterprises in the metal mechanic sector in the district to be permanent.


It is pointed out tens of partnerships with several representative entities: ACIAP- Associação Comercial Industrial e Agropastoril de volta Redonda (Farming and cattle raising and Industrial commercial association of Volta Redonda), CDL, SICOMÉRCIO, FIRJAN, METASUL, SINDICATO DOS METALÚRGICOS, ADEMP- Development Agency of the Medium Paraíba, SEBRAE, SESI, SESC, SENAI, among others.


Due to the transformation potential of the local reality enclosed in the regulation of the General Law 123/06, the district of Volta Redonda, through the decree nº 11.560 announced in 12/16/2009, bets on the potential of the Micro and small enterprises to stimulate the city economy.

Endereço: Praça Sávio Gama, 53 – bairro Aterrado – Volta Redonda – CEP: 27215-620
TEL: (24) 3339 9132 FAX: (24) 3339 9117 E-Mail: smdet@epdvr.com.br