Volta Redonda is one of the main cities of Rio de Janeiro. It is also the cradle of industrialization in Brazil and main city of the Médio Paraíba Fluminense.

The Secretary - SMDET

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism has as its objective to promote economic development decentralized, integrated and sustainable manner to generate improvements in quality of life, preserving and promoting the wealth and potential regional public policies geared to generating jobs and increased competitiveness of the productive sector.

In the development strategy of the municipality is included the partnership with business entities, which strengthens the industrial park, technological innovation and fostering tourism in the city of Volta Redonda.

Built in 2006, the Secretariat has undergone many changes until, in 2010, won a new structure, giving priority to attracting investment, expanding the infrastructure, support for research and expansion of business tourism.

In this way the Department of Economic Development and Tourism has as its main areas of activity to attract new investments and expansion of the existing coordination of projects with the public sector in infrastructure and logistics for the production, actions on science, technology and innovation, establishment of industrial parks, agro-industrial productivity improvement, support for small and medium enterprise and continuous improvement in infrastructure in the city.

Another highlight of the Secretariat was the creation of a specialized team, ready to receive investors and promote the coordination between public and private entities, providing information and updates to assist entrepreneurs in finding the best business opportunities in the city.

Summary of actions

- Supporting research and technological innovation, promoting the approach of the knowledge centers of the city with the private sector;
- Encouraging the culture of entrepreneurship by supporting micro, small and medium enterprises, with the implementation of the General Law, Room of Entrepreneurship and other programs;
- Increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the infrastructure of the municipality of Volta Redonda.

Endereço: Praça Sávio Gama, 53 – bairro Aterrado – Volta Redonda – CEP: 27215-620
TEL: (24) 3339 9132 FAX: (24) 3339 9117 E-Mail: smdet@epdvr.com.br