Volta Redonda is one of the main cities of Rio de Janeiro. It is also the cradle of industrialization in Brazil and main city of the Médio Paraíba Fluminense.

Regional Hospital

The Regional Hospital in the Middle Paraíba has an estimated investment of $ 40 million in construction and an additional $ 30 million in equipment installed to provide 200 beds in public in the region, benefiting 12 municipalities.

The new clinic will occupy an area of 40.000m2 25.551m2 with an area of the margin of the President Dutra Highway neighborhood in Rome, in Volta Redonda. The land is in the process of expropriation, which will take 18 months estimated for the construction and another 12 months for equipment installation and testing.

Serve several towns in the region, among them: Barra do Pirai, Barra Mansa, Itatiaia, Pinheiral, Pirai, Puerto Real, Quatis, Resende, Rio Claro, Rio das Flores, Valença and Volta Redonda. With an estimated population of approximately 879 000 inhabitants, the intent is to receive up to 1100 people in the hospital monthly.

Management will be through a college with the participation of state and representatives of 12 municipalities in his administration. Basic medical specialties will be in Medicine, Surgery Clinic, Pediatric Clinic and Obstetrics. Have clinics specializing in neurosurgery, orthopedic trauma, Vascular Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Hematology Oncology, Ophthalmology, high-complexity and Intensive Care.


Endereço: Praça Sávio Gama, 53 – bairro Aterrado – Volta Redonda – CEP: 27215-620
TEL: (24) 3339 9132 FAX: (24) 3339 9117 E-Mail: smdet@epdvr.com.br