Volta Redonda is one of the main cities of Rio de Janeiro. It is also the cradle of industrialization in Brazil and main city of the Médio Paraíba Fluminense.

Arc South Road

Project in partnership with ADEMP - Development Agency of the Middle Paraíba - which aims to design and deploy a more direct road access to the Middle Paraíba Fluminense Itaguaí port, aiming to meet the demand of export and import of products of varied origins, fundamentally from the industrial metal-mechanical, metallurgical, metallurgical, automotive and electro-electronic, booming in this region Fluminense and Sao Paulo. Furthermore, we must consider that the Industrial Park Itaguaí being augmented with two new steel mills (now the Atlantic Steel - CSA and then the second plant CSN) and other investment businesses, will require a major chord with the Industrial Park Middle Paraíba Fluminense and São Paulo.

Futura BR

Endereço: Praça Sávio Gama, 53 – bairro Aterrado – Volta Redonda – CEP: 27215-620
TEL: (24) 3339 9132 FAX: (24) 3339 9117 E-Mail: smdet@epdvr.com.br